This site is an archive of the website created to publicise the the 49th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union called ABU 2012 Seoul.

49th ABU GA (ABU 2012 Seoul)

Super Panel Session Speakers

Rachel Payne
Principal, Global Strategic Alliances, Google

As Principal, Global Strategic Alliances at Google, Rachel Payne strove to create, develop, and improve the engagement models of Google’s most important partners globally. Prior to this, she was Head of industry for Technology, a part of the Google Africa management team, and Country Manager for Google Uganda. She was a vital member in Google as she was one of the first employees hired into the founding team of Google. org and became the senior program officer on the Global Development team. Not only that, she has been a part of the founding members in establishing ventures such as Hotwire (acquired by IAC), Billpoint (acquired by eBay) and inDplay (acquired by Discovery Media group). In inDplay, Rachel was Co-founder and board member. She has also worked for IDG, Razorfish, and HP. She is currently serving on the Global Advisory Board for BRAC USA and is on the Board of Directors for LinkTV and Working Assets (Credo). She has a B.A. with distinction from Smith College and MBA in global Management and Public Management from Stanford University. Her success and achievements have been a crucial part of the growth of the entrepreneurship around the world.

John Tate
Director, Policy & Strategy, Chairman of Studios & Post Production, BBC
John Tate is the BBC’s Director of Policy & Strategy and Chairman of the BBC’s Studios and Post Production business. His team’s policy work supports the Corporation’s main regulatory relationships including with the BBC Trust and Ofcom, while its strategy work generates analysis and insight on the entire range of BBC activities for use centrally and within the BBC divisions. BBC Studios and Post Production (S&PP) is the largest studios and post facilities provider in the UK, offering world-class creative and technical production solutions to the media industry. Before joining the BBC, John was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and subsequently PA Consulting Group, where he specialised in strategy development and implementation. John joined McKinsey from his first job after leaving university, as Head of Research for the European Foundation – remaining on its board until he joined the BBC. Between PA and McKinsey, John worked in, and went on to run, the Opposition Policy Unit, working with the Shadow Cabinet and writing various published reports including The Children Left Behind, No Child Left Behind, Unskilled Labour and The Drivers Of Regulation series.

Naoji Ono
Vice President of NHK & Vice President of ABU

Naoji Ono is currently President and CEO of NHK Enterprises, Inc., the business arm of NHK, and will officially assume his post from 10th February.

At a press conference held at NHK Broadcasting Centre, Matsumoto, who took office 15 days ago, said, “Mr. Ono has a long and distinguished career in programming and a thorough understanding of the role of a broadcaster in the digital era. With his exemplary decision making and leadership skills, I am convinced Mr. Ono will fulfill his new role with distinction.” Ono, returning to NHK after almost 4 years in an affiliated company, said,

“I am very humbled by the duty and responsibility of the Vice President’s post. NHK is about to draw up its next Corporate Plan, and we must undertake further reform. I would like to make the most of my experience in the business arm and support President Matsumoto as we take on this challenging task”

Naoji Ono, 63, joined NHK in 1971 as a program director after graduating from Tokyo University. He served several years in NHK Okayama Station and moved to Tokyo Headquarters where he mainly worked as a science producer. He held key posts in the Program Production Department, the Programming Department, and the Corporate Planning Bureau before becoming Managing Director in 2005. He moved to NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP), in 2007 and was appointed as President and CEO the following year.

CHEONG Shin-Keong
\\General Manager – Broadcasting Television Broadcasts Limited \\Mr Cheong joined TVB as Controller, Marketing & Sales in 1989. He has extensive experience in the advertising/ marketing industry and contributes actively to the professional development of marketing in Hong Kong through leading marketing industry bodies. Mr Cheong assumed the duties of General Manager – Broadcasting in April 2004 and is responsible for marketing and sales, and business development matters of the terrestrial television business segment of TVB. He is a Fellow and Council Member of the Hong Kong Management Association and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AUB.

Mr Lawrence ADDO-YAO ATIASE a Ghanaian is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AUB. He was the Coordinator of Programmes and Activities of URTNA and Acting Secretary General during the transitional period from URTNA to AUB. Mr ATIASE was confirmed as Chief Executive Officer of AUB at the 1st ordinary session of AUB General Assembly which was held in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2007 for a mandate of four years renewed on 15th November 2011, in Accra, Ghana during the 5th AUB General Assembly
\\Ho Soo Lee Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics

Dr. Ho Soo Lee, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics, is currently Head of Media Solution Center (MSC). Starting in 2006, he led corporate-wide software activities for three years as Head of Samsung Electronic Software Laboratory. Since June 2008, he has been leading the newly formed MSC, which is responsible for sourcing, processing and delivering contents as well as diverse internet service business and applications for devices. He strives to create more valuable user experiences of mobile, home, and office devices by effectively integrating them with content and services.

He graduated from Seoul National University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

He received his doctorate degree for his research studies in the field of artificial intelligence, from Northwestern University in 1985. He subsequently joined the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, and for the following twenty years with IBM, he worked on several projects within the field of computer science. As part of a global team comprised of research, consulting, services, and solution development business units, he solved real-world client problems and made significant contributions to the establishment of a new business paradigm. He is founder of the IBM Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory, which is devoted to R&D in software and context-aware computing.

He has published a number of papers and holds eight United States patents. He received an “IBM Outstanding Innovation Award” on a new Inventory Matching Algorithm in December 2000. Based on work on Combinatorial and Quantity Discount Auctions, his team was chosen as one of the Finalists of the 2002 Franz Edelman Award for Management Science Achievement competition.

He has appeared at a number of prestigious conferences as keynote/invited speaker: recent appearance includes IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference 2008 in Las Vegas, Smartphone Show 2008 in London, UK, SBS Seoul Digital Forum 2009, World Knowledge Forum 2009 in Seoul, Mobile World Congress 2010 in Spain, East Asia Round Table Meeting 2011 in Busan, Korea and World Knowledge Forum 2011 in Seoul. He is currently serving as the President of Korea Embedded Software Industry Council.

His primary interest lies in mobile & internet content and services for smart devices, and N-Screen and cloud computing.